Electronics Accepted


Accepting electronics like computers, TV's, monitors, laptops, keyboards, mouse, speakers and lot more. click the link above to find out more about what is ACCEPTED

Electronics Not Accepted


Non-Acceptable items are items with excessive garbage attached, food contents inside of a appliance and more. Click the link above to find out more about what we DO NOT ACCEPT


What customers should know?

Do you pick up electronics for free?

Yes. We offer a free electronics pick up service to any home or business if the items are placed outside in one of the designated areas.

Do you accept items at the curb?

No we do not. Items thrown to the curb is not a secured location and does not guarantee our item upon arrival. To provide our free electronics pick up service all items must be placed in one of the designated areas.

Will you still take my item if its already at the curb?

Unfortunately collecting items from the curb is prohibited by our company with no exceptions made. Some of the reasons being if we built a business collecting from the curb then we would spend all  our time and money creating a business for the general public, we don't want your neighbors watching us recycling items from the curb so they don;t spread the word that collecting from the curb is how we operate, the city does not accept or allow these items to be placed at the curb for pick up. 

Do you provide free removal?

We provide a free electronics pick up service not a free removal service. Our free service is for those who do not wish to pay someone to recycle their items and are okay with preparing the items for pick up. Anything requiring extra work we offer with-in our paid services.  

Do you accepted items in black garbage bags or sealed containers?

No we do not. We need to ensure our workers are safe and do not put themselves in harms way. Placing items in temporary bins or boxes is fine as we sort through everything on spot, leaving any containers or boxes behind.