Just three simple steps

The number one with a circle around it

Contact us

First step is to get in touch with our team. In order to get in touch with our team please contact us by phone, text message, google message or Facebook messenger to place your booking for your free pick up service.  

The number two with a circle around it

Give us your details

Second step is give us your details so we know who were dealing with and where were recycling the items from. Including your name, phone number, address, items and where their located on the property. "PLEASE NOTE we don't accept private callers"

The number three with a circle around it

Place recyclables in designated areas

Third step is place your recyclables in one of the designated areas. Example: If you live in a house, place your item in front of your garage door, beside your house, in the backyard or on your front porch. For a more detailed list of designated areas please visit the designated areas page.

That's it !

Once we've receive your information we book you in our route. If you contact us before 12 noon then will have your items recycled before the end of the day. If you contacted us after 12 noon then we place you into the next days route.

Private Phone Calls

Please be advised we do not accept phone calls or google messaging from blocked IDs or private users. All customers must contact us with visible IDs for the safety of our drivers. Having this information will help better serve you and give us an understanding of who were in contact with.