That Metal Guy Recycling Truck At Scrap Yard
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Scrap Metal Recycling

In today's world, scrap metal recycling is becoming very popular and is always going to be something that will continue to grow and trend.

Is my computer worth money?

Yes but not very much!


Scraping a computer as a whole will fetch you up to $8. Breaking it down into circuit boards and wires, maybe a few more extra bucks.  Recycling of computers is complex and dangerous to your health. This is one thing I advise scrappers o not just worry about, unless you really know your stuff first times experimenters could get seriously injured if a mistake occurs. 

RAM Chips

Ram chips

Ram chips are found inside your computer and is one part of scrap metal recycling that everyone wants a piece of. There are typically 1 - 4 chips per computer which contain 18 kt gold plating on the ends of them.

Ram Chip Clippings

Recycled Scrap Gold

This is what you get when you snip off the gold strips off the bottom of the ram chips obtained through scrap metal recycling..

Gold Clippings In Solution

Solution for gold recycling

This is very dangerous and can cause bodily harm and even instant death. scrap metal recycling of gold should be left for the professionals and to not be attempted at home.

Gold Flakes In Mixed Solution

Gold flakesin solution

At this stage the 18 kt gold pin flakes separate themselves from the plastic strips leaving you with dirty gold. Scrap metal recycling can be dangerous at times and this is one of them.

Recycled Gold Flakes

Recycled gold dirty

After Draining and cleaning your scrap metal gold flakes you get this. 18 kt gold flakes off the ends of ram chips. Metal recycling at its finest.

Filtered Gold Flakes

Filtered Gold

This is what you receive after the straining process. Still dirty and plenty of steps ahead. Some people do scrap metal recycling for a hobby others do it for a living no matter which way you choose to go recycle safely.

Gold Clump Of Flakes

Gold clump of flakes

Scrap metal recycling at its finest. Here's what you get after its cleaned and filtered.

What is my item actually worth?


Cast Alluminum Barbecue

Barbecues range in scrap value depending on the type of metals your barbecue is made out of. When collecting barbecues through scrap metal recycling you will find out that their a more frequent item found recycled.

This is an decent average one. With the top being cast aluminum and the bottom being tin they fetch you about $10 to $20 depending on the current scrap market value.

A regular tin barbecue is worth about $2 to $6. This being because the value is a lot less for tin.


Recycled Scrap Tube CRT TV's

Televisions and other display devices come in all shapes, sizes and weight. 

Taking the most commonly recycled televisions which are CRT's also also known as "Tube TV's" or "Box TV's", known for their extreme weight and bulkiness are one of the favored items when it comes to scrap metal recycling.

These televisions fetch about $2 - 20$ per unit in scrap value. 



Appliances are the lowest paying metals compared to any of the other easily obtainable metals in large volume with-in the scrap metal recycling industry.

Ranging any wheres from $1 to $15 in scrap value. When the prices drop no one wants to for free anymore cause they don't pay out.

Scrap Metal Recycling Information

Does the city pick up scrap metal?

No. The city does not provide a scrap metal recycling service from your home or business collecting your recyclable material. They ask that you drive them to the nearest depots.

Do the prices always stay the same?

Absolutely not. The prices for scrap metal recycling of the different grades of metals go up and down frequently. It's a stock market industry and never stays the same.

Who took my item on garbage night?

If your lucky and in the right area you will see scrappers drive around collecting scrap metal  junk. When you throw something out these men and women are the ones taking them for recycling. Mainly these people are out for the metal recycling and gaining  few extra dollars.