Paid Services

Coming in 2020 - Full Paid Services

Hello and thank-you for visiting this page, unfortunately we are only offering limited paid services at the moment and are in the midst of expanding. Please contact us to inquiry. 

We started off basing our company on our famous free pick up service, with the high demand in wanting our company to provide paid services though-out the past year, we now are expanding our company to give you all the options needed to recycle and for the best prices.

With our ongoing research on our competitors pricing, we have developed rates that won't scare you away, were here to help not milk the job for your money. Making our money is about how many jobs we complete not how much we charge you.

We have a lot to offer and have built our respectful brand out of honesty, determination and hard work over the past 10 years.

Why pay a junk guy to do a recyclers job? 

We've spent the past 10 years developing a system , recording data and stats, while the junk guys cleaned out your wallets with those ridiculous prices, then cashing in on all your recyclables and use able antiques goods and more. Nice companies right? Honest? Not quite.

We are here to set the bar and push their prices much lower and get them to be more honest with how they operate and provide their services. With junk companies being the only options for your recyclables people have had no choice but to pay it but that is going to change and there will be options available and much more affordable options.

We are here to make a difference not just in our environment but in our communities and our hearts. 

Thank you for your time and we look forward to providing our paid services in the upcoming future