That Metal Guy recycling

That Metal Guy recycling

That Metal Guy recyclingThat Metal Guy recyclingThat Metal Guy recycling

Offering a free recycling & disposal pickup service for scrap metal & ewaste in the London area from any home or business


That Metal Guy Owner - Tony Laviolette

How can we help you?

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling bin (black)

Have scrap metal to dispose of?  We accept all scrap metal items for recycling and disposal

We dispose of items like Barbecues, Lawnmowers, Appliances, Bicycles, Restaurant Equipment and much more. 

Electronic Recycling

Scrap electronic recycling bin (green)

 Have electronics to recycle? We accept all electronic items for recycling and disposal

We dispose of items like Computers, Monitors, T.V's, Servers, Hard Drives, Lap Tops, Circuit Boards, Printers, Photo Copiers and much more. 

Designated Areas

Large house with green grass and new driveway. Designated area example

To find out more on where we would like you to place your item(s) for our free pick up service for recycling and disposal, please click the link below.

Blue Bin Recycling

Curbside recycling bin (blue)

 Not sure what the city takes in the blue bin for recycling? Let us help you! 

For a complete list and all information on what is accepted and what is not click on the blue bin above.

Garbage Collection

Garbage container (grey)

Not sure what the city accepts at the curbside? 

Your item was left at the curb?

For more information on curbside garbage collection please click the link below

Paid Service

Two grey credit cards with a gold chips. These resemble our paid services.

Paid services coming soon. Where we will do all the work and better yet we will offer you the best pricing. Competitor has a better price? Let us know and will do better.


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That Metal Guy

That Metal Guy Owner - Tony Laviolette

Tony Laviolette - Owner

" I love helping out the community recycling and offering a free pick up service for those who wish to use it. My number one priority is customer satisfaction and giving them a better option then our competitors, by paying less or paying nothing! "

Who is That Metal Guy recycling?

We are a recycling service that comes straight to your home or business. 

We haul away and recycle those unwanted items you no longer need. Such as items like appliances, BBQ, shelving, sheds, filing cabinets, electronics and much more.

What metals are accepted for disposal?

We accept all metal items for disposal. All scrap metal items must be 85% metal weight or more in order for the item to be accepted with-in our free pickup service. Some metal items may need to be disassembled before we can recycle them. 

Click on the link below for a general list of what we accept for scrap metal recycling and disposal.

Do you guys accept electronics?

We accept and recycle all electronic waste for disposal. Recycling electronic items like circuit boards, wiring, batteries, computers, printers, keyboards, modems, TV's, speakers, cellphones, laptops and much more. 

If you are unsure on what we accept, click the link below for a general list of electronic items we accept for recycling and disposal.

Do I have to be home in order to use your free pick up service?

No you do not have to be home to disposal your items when using our free pickup recycling service. 

If the items are placed outside in one of the designated ares and you have provided us with all the required details for our booking information, then you do not have to be home. 

How much of a notice do you need to use your free pickup service?

We provide same day service if you contact us before 12 noon. If contacted after 12 noon we book you in for the next day. 

Can a business use your free pickup service?

Yes they can. All businesses are welcome to use our free recycling pickup service to dispose of their items, as long as the items are easily accessible and no extra work is required.

What do you do with all the recyclables you dispose of?

We recycle everything, diverting millions of pounds of scrap metal and electronic waste from the landfills on a daily basis.

Our scrap metal and electronics is safely disposed of though local yards whatever we can salvage gets donated or repurposed.

We also donate on our Facebook page to those who can reuse recycled items giving them a second or third life.

Are you able to do larger jobs?

Yes we can handle anything metal or electronic for recycling and disposal. 

In this industry every job is different, some jobs take longer than others because they have larger items or require more work but everything that needs recycling has to go one way or another. 

We provide a fast, friendly and convenient way to recycle and dispose of all of your scrap metal and electronic waste.

How big are your truck and trailers?

We provide truck and trailers to suit every job.Our trailer lengths are 25 feet and have been able to take anything we've encountered. 

Oversized items we subcontract a flatbed, float or tow truck to take the item away.

Do you have a drop off location?

We currently do not have a location open to the public for disposal of their scrap metal waste. We provide an at home or business recycling service that comes to you so you don't have to load it up and come to us and for free.

Do you accept donations?

Yes we do. We prefer the customer to notify us when contacting, that you would like to make a donation and we will come prepared to make sure it makes it to a new home. 

How late do you work?

We work till our day is done. Our hours of operation are Sunday to Friday 7am to 11pm. We are currently not working Saturdays but will be in the upcoming future. If you contact us before 12 noon we will have your item(s) gone before the end of our day.

Will my item be recycled before the end of the day?

Yes. If you contacted us be fore 12 noon the day of  wanting your items recycled and disposed of, we will have your items gone before the end of our day as long as you have followed instructions given during the booking. 

If you contacted us after 12 then your items will be gone by the end of the following day.

Why would I use your service instead of a junk service?

We specialize in just recycling and disposing of scrap metal and electronic items. 

Garbage collection and recycling are two separate industries. We also save you money by offering a free pickup service as well as the best priced paid services in town! 

We come take your recyclables and you save money on removal of your left over trash when booking with one of the junk removal companies.

Why do junk services charge so much?

Simply because they can and they were first to the market as we are the first of our kind. 

Junk services also make extra money without the customer knowing about it with your recyclables which in all reality they are double charging you. 

After loading up your junk they visit the local recycling yard to make some more extra cash. Junk companies have been serving and mixing the two industries for decades taking advantage of peoples situations and money.

We are here to put a stop to that and provide a true honest service. By supporting our free pickup and recycling disposal service, you support a good cause. What you recycle though us is what pays for your service.

How come you don't list you pricing for your paid services?

We like to keep our pricing the best in London, in order to do that we provide individual pricing for every job. In the recycling and disposal industry no job is ever the same. We actually prefer people to shop around first then contact us. This allows them to know more about what is offered and let us know what we need to beat! Keeping our price guide more one on one with our customers not with our competitors.

Do you accept appliances?

Yes we accept all appliances for disposal and recycling. Scrap metal appliances like fridges, stoves, washer machines, dryers, freezers, microwaves and dishwashers.

Do you accept items containing refrigerant?

Yes we do. In order to use our free service we ask that all units containing refrigerant be drained and tagged properly before we can accept them.

A CFC Certification must be attached with the item in order for us to recycle it. We do not accept items with cut lines. Reclaiming of refrigerant must be done by a professional qualified to do so.

Do you provide scrap metal recycling?

Yes we recycle anything metal through our scrap metal pick-up service.

What items do you accept for scrap metal recycling?

We accept items for recycling and disposal like fridges, stove, washer, dryer, lawnmowers, BBQ, filing cabinets, furnaces, dishwashers, weights, workout equipment, rotors, tools in the London are. Please visit our item list for more details.

What metals cannot be recycled?

Metals like Uranium and Plutonium are non-recyclable for scrap metal recycling and they are known for being radioactive.

Do your provide free removal?

We do not provide free removal of items just a free pickup service for items that are outside ready and accessible for recycling and disposal. We do offer first floor removal for limited items for free please contact us to inquire about these services.

Do you pick items up for free?

Yes we provide a free scrap metal and electronics recycling pickup and disposal service for anyone who can have the items placed outside ready and accessible in one of the designated areas.

Where can I recycle my old electronics?

Instead of bringing to those unsecured drop off locations of driving it to the city dump we come to you and for free! No need to drive anywhere or even walk it to the curb call us and will take care of it.

Recycling Facts

Does the city accept metal items at the curbside?

Recycling of metal and electronic items is not a service the city provides from the curbside they expect you to bring it to them, accepting items of this kind of material is not allowed. The city therefore does not accept metal and electronics at the curbside.

They will try and provide a service using our tax dollars but our company provides it for free not using our tax dollars that can be used in other areas more in need!

How much of the worlds steel production is from recycled scrap metal?

Currently in 2019 about 45% of the worlds steel production comes from recycled scrap metal.

Which country recycles the most scrap metal?

Turkey as of 2018 was reported the largest importer of scrap steel in the world, recycling  almost 20.7 million metric tons during that year.